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This page summarizes the feedback this site has gotten over the years.

“Silken is at home reading her own words and when she’s speaking them to you she is at her best. There are no histrionics, no over-used superlatives and the sexual cliches are kept to a minimum. Indeed, used as they are within the context of the story they are not cliches at all just luscious elements of a rich, thoughtful and desire-filled narrative.” -Alex

Silken on Sex puts the lit in clitoris entertainment. To sample her work you can visit iTunes and search under Silken on Sex. These are short, imaginative audio recordings that you can listen to on your iPod or for those of us using alternative devices you can save it on your mp3/media player. These are free to access.

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“…While I like reading erotic stories, I was a bit reserved on this concept. What I quickly saw was that she has a unique ability to express erotic thoughts in the English language. She is good at making even the mundane description of a scene into an erotic overview. [...] The story lines are generally good and again well written. As far as the erotic content, it is there and can be very satisfying for singles or couples. (I imagine that many couples may read and re-enact the stories on their own, with their own twists.) [...] If you or your and your partner enjoy reading or listening to erotic stories we can say that you will enjoy these.”

Soft, Sensual, Beautiful My wife and I love listening to Silken. Her gentle way with stories both excite me and wash over my wife. Our sex lives are improved -listen and you will see yours rise too! Reviewed on 12/31/2009

Reader feedback from Clean Sheets: “The Pretty Pussy by Silkenvoice was so much fun to read! Great narrative and wonderful humor. I think she’s onto something with the concept that some women’s bi-curiosity is tied to a curiosity about what their own pussies look like. As soon as I read it I had an aha! moment myself. Thanks Clean Sheets for publishing it.” –Dania

“Your sexy stories are like chocolate for the mind: Rich, silky smooth, and infinitely pleasurable. I am always satisfied and yet I always come back for more.” –Chris

“Very erotic! First time I ever listened to one of your stories. Your voice was sexy, suggestive, and your use of words was really stimulating. Keep up the good work!” — Claretwine

“A professional writer and editor, I am in process of listening to and reading all your stories, both written and audio. What I find most erotic about this submission is not only your velvet voice (silk is nice too, of course) but expecially your breathing and sensual moans. The texture and nuance here is quite amazing, which I doubt even the most trained actress could emulate. You seem to have erased all barriers between fantasy and reality and the listener/reader shares, and is lost in, that intimacy. Superb!” — LeeJeans4

“Beautiful and erotic. Your words flow so beautifully, and your visions are so tantalizing, I sat here shaking. I can’t wait to share this with my lover!” — Anonymous

“Kayar, Been a devoted fan for some time. So happy you’ve devoted so much effort with audio erotica. I am seduced by the power of your language and imagery, and driven to delight by the sexy timbre and rythmn of your voice. Please keep producing. You have remarkable talent.” –Payson

“I always wondered what it would be like to dominate someone sexually. Thanks to your uncanny ability to get inside my mind and body, I now know! Wow. I can’t stop listening!” –Susan

“My husband and I are both fans of your stories. When he first asked me to listen I was dubious, but it didn’t take long for your words to get me into the mood. We’ve gotten some great ideas from you to spice things up. Thanks!” –Katie

“Beautiful language and fucking hot sex! Dear KR, thank you so much for this beautiful story. The words are well chosen, the plot believable, the characters likeable, and the sex was boiling hot. Thanks. It’s rare to find a story about dominance and submission that doesn’t degrade the submissive. I appreciated that.” –Anonymous

“Oh my god, or should I say, Oh My GODDESS. This was a truly remarkable story. You top as well as you bottom, and the telling thereof is delightfully, sensuously, erotic. Your voice is, indeed, silken pleasure as it slips from my headphones into my ears, taking away all ability to even pretend to work. Your imagination and creativity are overwhelmingly erotid… and yet, I think, “Is it imagination? Or does KR write about a real experience?” And then I realize that it doesn’t matter. I will listen to this story again and again, deriving pleasure from it. I hope you enjoyed writing it at least half as much as I enjoyed listening.” –sig357

“I just listened to your 5 coins story. Very interesting twist on giving and receiving. You’re obviously very intelligent and that is always a turn on for someone who is also more interested in someone with intellectual skills than one with the usual common four letter word writing. You meet an interest by combining sexual attraction, a reasoned twist, and a marvellous voice! I look forward to additional stories. Almost real!” — gesdoc2

“Extremely enjoyable! I really enjoy listening to your wonderful voice, while I cannot read, at this moment. The way that you write, betrays a vast depth and great intelligence. Your seduction allows one to enter your world with out the dirtiness that is normally associated with adult bookstores. I will be looking forward to more of your stories, as I have time to read them all! Thank you for an enjoyable evening!” — Anonymous

“You write with great passion, KR, and to listen to your voice enhances the experience. Please don’t retire your microphone…you’re too good at it.” –Robberbaronsword

“Your attention to every erotic detail no matter how sublte gave me a complete picture….When you wrote how you fingernail cross his nipple….Omg I could feel it myself….this Piece was full of passion and lust in the most classy and delicious way…Thank you for writing it. I look roward to reading and hearing more of yoru thoughts and dreams” — Kevin