Casual Encounter: Laura and Abby

I have exciting news! One of my stories has been accepted to a Violet Blue erotica anthology, one intended for couples. It is supposed to be out in Spring 2011, and once everything is inked with the publisher, I'll let you know the specifics. If you're looking for free gay audio sex stories, I can recommend the stories available from the gay section of erotic audio.

The last four episodes have been about women dominating men so I thought I'd switch things up a little. It's been a while since I told a story about women making love, and I know how much you love hearing those kinds of juicy details, so here we go"¦. [This is the original story, the podcast version was abridged to keep the podcast around 15 minutes]

Leaning up against the headboard, Laura congratulated herself as she watched Abby remove her street clothes. This time she'd gotten lucky and had the whole day to dedicate to an erotic encounter. Something told her that she would be glad of it, for the pretty little stranded motorist she'd picked up at the filling station by virtue of her own considerable cleavage seemed to be the type who would take her time.

Laura's affairs were usually spontaneous things and she always felt an underlying urgency to do the deed, escape, and above all, avoid being caught. It wouldn't do for her husband to know that she had a thing for women. He might press for a three-way " a thought that made her shudder. The woman was small and pale-skinned " a stark contrast to her husband, who was swarthy and well over six feet tall " and Laura certainly didn't want his hard hands, rough whiskers, and testosterone-inflamed urgency interfering with her languid and leisurely lovemaking with other women. Especially not a soft, sweet little peach like Abby.

The younger woman crawled across the bed and slid her hands under Laura's breasts. She hefted them, apparently reveling in their size and weight. When she gently squeezed them with both hands Laura gasped in delight. Those small gentle hands began to knead her breasts and Laura felt that familiar ache deep inside her, the prelude to wetness. She removed one hand from the bed and ran her thumb along the the fullness of the girl's bottom lip. Abby's hands and eyes never left her breasts, and Laura had trouble taking hers off the girl's face. She had a faraway expression that was wistful and at the same time captivated.

Abby's hands slid slowly down the slopes of her tits, until the heels of her hands raked across Laura's sensitive nipples. The crinkled buttons were so sensitized Laura jumped and gasped. Abby settled her palms over Laura's aching nipples, making tiny pockets in each palm, and when she squeezed this time it felt to Laura like her nipples were being pulled from all sides at once. The younger woman continued to gently squeeze and Laura thought she might come right there. It felt almost as if tiny, satiny mouths were sucking her nipples.

Laura was caught in a whirlwind of competing needs and desires. The long dry spell since her last casual encounter had driven her to the edge and she wanted release, but the girl's soft hands and gentle touch made her want to take her time. But she couldn't help herself. She slipped her hand between their bodies and pressed her fingers into the fabric of her panties. As she rubbed her clit, Laura felt the tightening in her belly, the tensing of the muscles in her thighs and ass. She knew she had to stop or she was going to cum. Abby seemed to sense her need and her indecision, and solved the dilemma for the older woman. She craned her neck up and removed her hand from Laura's left breast. Before Laura could comprehend what she was doing the redhead's lips captured her aching nipple and scraped it with her teeth.

It was not so much the change in sensation as it was the visual stimulation that sent Laura into her orgasm. The girl's soft face, pursed lips and the hollowing of her cheeks as she sucked were incredibly erotic and it was too much. Laura sighed through her orgasm, reveling in each delightful contraction in her belly and its accompanying wave of pleasure. She grabbed Abby's head and forced her face deep into her cleavage. The girl made no protest, nor did she even attempt to move away. Throughout Laura's orgasm and through the aftershocks that followed she continued to suckle one of Laura's breasts while massaging the other.

Laura twisted her hand to place it on the crotch of Abby's panties. She was amazed to find them as soaking and sticky as her own. Abby groaned around the nipple in her mouth. Laura was a little shocked to find her so wet. It took a few moments for her to realize the little vixen was getting off on just playing with her breasts. Laura forced the two middle fingers of her hand into the wet furrow and began to stroke. The girl gasped, but did not let Laura's nipple escape her mouth.

"You like my tits don't you?" she asked. The girl nodded slightly, but made no sound. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in some kind of trance.

Laura adjusted her position, drawing her breasts from the girl's mouth and hand. She quickly drew the girl up against her side and let her large breasts spill onto her face. The redhead's eyes widened, and an expression of ecstasy was evident on her face. Abby turned her head from side to side, nuzzling against the soft skin.

Laura brought her hands to the girl's breasts and firmly kneaded them while she occasionally flicked the nipples with a fingernail. Abby shivered and a soft moan escaped her lips, but she gave no indication of wanting to move. Laura realized the girl would be content to just have her breasts on her cheeks, so she took matters into her own hands, bringing a nipple to the girl's mouth. She felt the girl's lips close around it, creating a soft seal and then gentle suction that pulled her nipple even farther away from her tit. The girl's tongue rolled around the sensitive flesh and she began to pull at it, like a child suckling. For a timeless period they stayed like that, Laura working the smaller woman's tits hard, while Abby gently stroked hers and suckled her nipple.

Laura felt herself getting hot again. She loved having this kind of prolonged attention paid to her breasts, but now her pussy was demanding some attention.

The girl's soft lips and warm tongue felt exquisite and now she longed for them to be on her dripping sex. She wanted the girl's face between her thighs. She wanted that amazing mouth sucking on her clit.

Laura was pondering how to accomplish this when Abby partially lifted herself up and pressed her knee between her thighs. Taking the hint, Laura spread her thighs wide, then moaned as the girl's leg pushed upwards until it was pressing against her mound.

The younger woman's mouth released Laura's nipple with an audible popping sound. The girl's eyes were sparkling as she lifted her head and looked up expectantly. Laura dipped her head to bring their lips together. Abby's soft lips parted and Laura invaded her mouth with her tongue. She tasted of salt and flesh and a vestige of mint. Laura probed and explored with her tongue, while the smaller woman's tongue slipped back and forth over her own.

The kissing was lovely but Laura felt that urgency pressing at her again. She wanted her panties off. She struggled up onto one elbow. The motion broke the contact of their lips, but Abby moved her head forward and captured Laura's lower lip gently between her teeth. A stab of white-hot pleasure shot through her as she felt the girl's tongue swirl over the captured lip, which she slowly released with a long scraping motion.

Laura wriggled around and shucked off her panties, then helped Abby slip out of hers. She then splayed her thighs, exposing her pussy to the girl's view. The girl was staring and Laura knew what she was seeing. Her pubic hair was closely trimmed and her outer lips were plump and wet. She knew that by now they were gaping open and that they were a dark pink, almost brown color. She could feel how wet she was and was sure it was evident to the girl's eye.

Laura spread her arms invitingly and the girl crawled between her thighs and hugged her. Their lips met again in a deep kiss with their tongues doing battle. The girl was obviously very aroused and she forced her tongue into Laura's mouth and explored it thoroughly. Laura was content to caress the girls back and ass and let her take the lead for a bit.

Abby's mouth eventually left her own. Her lips left a wet trail from Laura's ear, down the line of her jaw and across her throat. Abby stopped and kissed her collarbone before continuing down. Laura was thrilled by the girl's initiative " she released the Abby's ass and brought her hand to her smoldering pussy. Laura dipped her fingers inside of her entrance, getting them slick with her juices and then brought her hand to Abby's mouth.

Abby went to work on her fingers, suckling them as she had her nipples, lapping greedily at them until they were clean and then gently sucking them into her mouth. When she finished she pushed Laura's hand back towards her crotch.

"It looks like you have found something you like," Laura said.

"Yes, it tastes wonderful," Abby said breathlessly.

"Well, there is plenty there for you."

The girl smiled and moved down to lick at Laura's navel, which caused her to giggle. Her giggle turned into a moan when the girls tongue reached the top of her mound and licked through her pubic hair.

Laura spread her legs wide and tried to relax. She was so worked up from the attention to her breasts, and she did not want to come at the first contact of the girl's mouth. Still, she was keenly aroused and knew it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. The girl's fingers were massaging the outsides of her mound, just teasing her labia, and her tongue slipped through Laura's sparse pubes to rest just above the top of her slit. She started licking then, delicate, gentle swipes of her tongue moving to one side and then the other. Laura felt her back arch involuntarily, trying to bring her swollen pussy into contact with the wonderful tongue, but Abby would not allow it. She pressed Laura's hips back down and then began to gently tongue her outer lips, working slowly downward, but not slipping between them to caress the inner folds.

Laura groaned in frustration, it felt so good, and she was so close, but it wasn't enough to get her over the top. When Abby reached the bottom of Laura's pussy she forced her tongue into the older woman and pursed her lips around the tight entrance. Her tongue seemed very long and flexible once it was inside and began to wiggle around, and she sucked hard, drawing deeply of Laura's pussy juice.

Laura cried out then, it just felt so good. Her hands shot to her breasts and she rolled her engorged nipples between her fingers, adding jagged jolts of pleasure to her already over-stimulated system.

She was dying now for an orgasm, she had to have it. The feelings were so powerful that she could not even try to hold back. Abby curled her tongue and ran it upward along Laura's slit, scooping up the thick fluid that had gathered between the older woman's swollen lips. Laura couldn't take any more teasing; her hands left her breasts and curled into Abby's luxurious hair, pulling her mouth tightly against her slit.

"No more teasing, I have to come," Laura groaned.

Abby went wild at the words. Sucking hard on Laura's clit she drew it out and then swirled her tongue over the super sensitive bud before she began to lash it with manically fast strokes of her tongue. The shock of it was more than Laura could bear and she felt her bottom swing into motion, jogging and twitching and contracting as her orgasm ripped through her.

Laura screamed then. She wasn't usually vocal during sex, but the tension inside of her, the unremitting pleasure, demanded nothing less than a scream. Laura rode the younger woman's face like a surfer on the crest of a giant wave. Abby did not stop and Laura felt like she was being devoured alive. The sensations from the girl's tongue, lips and fingers merged into one flow of sensation that sent her skyrocketing into another orgasm. This one was more powerful, shocking her body to its core. Abby showed no sign of letting up and Laura found herself pushing the girl's head away. It was too much. Too much!

She drifted down from her orgasm slowly; Abby had returned to her breasts and was suckling contentedly. The sensation was not powerfully erotic now, it was warm, gentle and comforting. Laura glanced at the clock on the bedside table " it wasn't even noon yet.

The continued movements of girl's soft tongue and warm mouth left no doubt in Laura's mind that they were far from finished. With four more hours until she needed to think about getting home to her family, she knew this was just the beginning.