Where in the world is Silkenvoice?

I’ve been getting emails from people asking why I haven’t been posting new content to my site and my podcast, hoping I’ve not left all this behind me and moved on.

No worries! I haven’t forgotten my readers, my listeners, or my passion for telling naughty stories — I’ve just been side-tracked by life.

This year I’ve buried my father’s brother and watched my youngest sister’s decline from cancer. It has been simultaneously difficult and rewarding, dealing with terminal illness, but more than anything, it is all-consuming. Most of my energy has been dedicated to helping my family (and myself) through this difficult time.

On the good-news side of the spectrum, my short story “Internet Cafe Au Lay” was just published in Violet Blue’s Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples anthology, which you can find on Amazon. Another story of mine “Cherry Blossom” has been accepted for publication in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Women in Lust: Erotic Stories anthology. Look for it to come out in October or November — right around the time I’ll be in Bali for a much-needed vacation.

My primary partner and I have also bought a house on the peninsula just south of San Francisco. I love the City, but the chilly wind and fog chased me out of town, so now I’m in a sunny patch near a marina on the Bay. I think I might even get a bit of a tan this year! As always with a new place, unpacking and settling in has been time-consuming, but I got my vocal booth set up recently so I’m hoping to resume regular Silken On Sex podcasts and custom recordings soon.

My thanks to all of you who have contacted me over the past several months and expressed your support upon learning about my situation. And of course, my thanks to all of you who have purchased audios at my Silken on Sex shop! It really does make a difference.