Girl Toy - A Sybian Story

She’d married straight out of college and divorced shortly before her thirtieth birthday. She readily admitted that she’d married him because she thought he was great in bed. And he was… then. But at 30 he was trying to fuck like he was still 20, and well, he couldn’t pull it off. When they were younger she forgave him his first quickie orgasm because she knew he’d be getting it up again soon, and it took him longer to get off the second and third times — and that gave her the time she needed. But as he got older and his virility waned, his interest in pleasing her waned as well. She couldn’t interest him in learning new tricks to meet the growing divide between his satisfaction and hers, and so she left him.

She’d thought that the period of sexual exploration that followed was a phase, but in fact, it was a prelude. Five years later she was happily single and loving her life — and she was hitting her sexual prime. Her lovers said she was insatiable, so constant was her state of arousal and need, but it wasn’t that she couldn’t be satisfied. It was simply that she couldn’t be satisfied for long.

Her bedside dresser had drawers filled with every sex toy imaginable, and while they served their purposes of helping her to achieve orgasm, none of them accomplished the job so well that she wasn’t horny again 30 minutes later. For 5 years she’d been questing for some one or some thing that could wring her of sexual energy so thoroughly that she could sleep through a night without being disturbed by erotic dreams. And she’d found it.

At a play-party a man and a woman tag-teamed her on a machine that made her come so many times she’d eventually half-fallen, half-slid off it in a stupor, her body trembling and twitching, and for the rest of the night and much of the next day, she’d had no interest in sex. She’d felt, as she’d put it “Done.”

It was such an incredible feeling to her, both the release of multiple orgasms and the feeling of satiety the resulted, that she searched for the machine online and ordered it immediately, not even hesitating over the cost.

She’d been tracking the box’s progress from the Midwest. Every time the shipper scanned the package she received an update, and she knew that today would be the day it arrived. She’d taken the day off because she knew the box would arrive in the morning. Special rush delivery by 10:30am–she’d paid extra for it.

The contents of the box already had a name, one she’d given it the day it was ordered. Wally. She was so excited about Wally’s arrival that she’d taken great pains to make sure that everything was perfectly arranged. She walked back to her bedroom to check again, wondering if she’d missed something. She’d put her yoga mat on the floor in front of the mirrored closet doors. Nearby was a small stack of hand towels with a handful of condoms on top, and beside it, two bottles: one of water, one of lube. Her eyes caught her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a short babydoll nightie with a silk robe over it. Her legs gleamed in the morning light, shaved smooth and lightly oiled. And though she could not see it, she knew her pussy was wet and open. She could smell her own arousal.

When the doorbell rang, she wasn’t sure how long she’d been standing there, hypnotized by the images playing through her mind, but the sound of it galvanized her into action, and she rushed to the door, her body suddenly on fire with excitement. The delivery man was nice enough to bring the heavy box inside, and when he gave her the slate to sign, her hands were shaking so much she dropped the stylus.

No sooner had she closed the door after her breathy “thank you” than she turned to the box. She had placed a razor knife on a nearby table and she quickly reached for it. With deft, sure strokes she sliced the tape holding the box closed and pulled the packaging out until Wally was revealed.

She stopped for a moment to admire the gleaming black hump. Her fingers caressed it, pressed into it, tested the firmness of the padding. She lifted it from the box, and in her eagerness it might have weighed one pound instead of twenty, for all the notice she took of it. Putting Wally down, she reached into the box and pulled out the attachments and the illustrative pages with the word SYBIAN printed all over it. Her hands tingled, and that tingle spread through her body with such force it made her shiver.

A sybian. Her very own sybian. The ultimate girl toy.

Scooping up the fucking machine, she headed for the bedroom. She couldn’t wait another minute to give Big Wally a ride.