Opposable Thumbs

Because of our opposable thumbs, we human beings have unique capabilities. Our muscled, contrary digits allow us to pull, twist, manipulate, and grip; to use tools, to control, even “civilize” our environment. There is, however, one essential human quality that does NOT respond well to this wondrous digital opposability…


Love is given; it is to be received with open hands, as if it was a gift of pure, clear, life-giving water, flowing into and over our cupped palms.

Love is not to be pulled, twisted, manipulated, leveraged, or squeezed. Love is not to be hijacked, hitchhiked, clamped, or hammered.


Use your opposable thumbs on love, and its life-giving magic will disappear, as surely as water flows through a grasping hand.

(from Charlie, October 2006)