I've been wanting to write naughty things

I've been wanting to write. The need to write has been building up like a pressure inside me. Its like sexual frustration, this need. But since mid-November I've been caught up in so many things that I just haven't been able to create the time.

With the re-appearance of both my childhood sweetheart and My Beloved in my life in November, things went a bit haywire. I've written enough words in emails to publish a novel, I swear! The meeting with My Beloved went well -- we talked for three days, hugged, and then he drove off on his motorcycle while I went to the airport to pick up a friend flying in from Sweden. It was wonderful to see him, to talk and spend the night snuggling. My lover displayed remarkable equanimity through it all.

Since then, I've been packing and moving to a new place. It is a very walkable neighborhood on the edge of a commercial district--I walked to my favorite sushi place about a half-mile away and passed about a dozen restaurants I'm going to want to stop in at some point -- there is the tapas place and the Peruvian place and the bakery and the bagel shop and that Chinese place that smelled divine... well, needless to say I'm going to be doing a lot of walking just to work off all the good food :)

On the walk home I went through the Park. The magnolias (I think they are magnolias) are starting to bud and the camellias are blooming. The big redwoods look so shaggy and huge compared to the other trees who are showing off their pale cold bones, naked for the winter. I bypassed the Japanese Garden this time, as I was starting to get chilled, but I do look forward to spending even more time with my camera in this garden than I did at the Chinese Garden in Portland.

The movers took twice as long loading and unloading the truck than estimated. I told them I had a lot of boxes of books to be moved, but I don't think they believed me. They even over-loaded the elevator and one of the movers got stuck inside for an hour. But, the good news is that me and my many boxes of books are in the new place. All I have to do now is paint. I'm doing accent walls in one of the Ralph Lauren metallic colors. I'm hoping it will work out well, especially at nearly a gallon.

I've got naughty stories to tell. Lots of them, and soon. Until I get the time to write them down though, you're just going to have to be patient, and create some naughtiness of your own.

Have a great 2010!