Silken is a bisexual polyamorous female who is also a massage therapist, sex educator, ordained minister, hypnotist, Domme, and published author living in San Francisco.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from one of the Seven Sister’s colleges and numerous certifications in a variety of professions, and is currently working toward a Master of Arts in Human Sexuality Studies.

In addition to hosting her weekly Silken on Sex podcast show, she writes erotica for online and print publishers and does custom voice-over recordings.

Silken feels she’s been working to create sex-positive culture most of her life. While she was at college, she worked as a sex educator at an organization that served the needs of inner-city youth. As a massage therapist she found herself coaching women through body-image issues that affected their abilities to be sexual beings, while at the same time helping men to distinguish the differences between sensual and sexual. In 2006 she became active as an event planner a non-profit organization focused on creating touch-positive community. Sexual repression and religion appear to go hand-in-hand, so many people find the knowledge that Silken is an ordained minister rather surprising. To this she responds with “Beyond the urgency of orgasm, sex grants access to the sacred. Love is sacrosanct in all its forms of expression, and the sexual, in particular, can be deeply spiritual.”

In 2008, she took a leave of absence from her corporate career in a Fortune 500 company to do care-giving for two terminally-ill relatives. Inspired by her sister, who did what she loved until the day she died, today she chooses to pursue her own passion: giving voice to sex-positive culture through sex education & erotic fiction. She invites you to explore this website with an eye (and ear) toward enriching your sexual relationship with yourself and your partner(s).